November 10, 2014

Regression set on Vimeo

Regression featured a 30 thousand pixel long city scape under a microbial sky.

This is a live performance by Decomposing Pianos at the Modern Fuel ARC, the last show before moving from their downtown location at 21A Queen Street.

This performance featured a 30 thousand pixel long cityscape rolling by under a microbial sky. The visuals were operated by a QWERTY keyboard, with colour washes bound to the R, G and B keys. The music was played live, and featured sound clips around the theme of lost connections, such as recordings of answering machine messages amidst radio static.

We are ancient machines inhabiting an ever changing infrastructure. Our society is evolving thanks to advancements in technology and yet as human beings we are still much like our ancestors from centuries ago. Scientific evidence suggests our mitochondria are ancient bacteria living symbiotically within us, and perhaps guide our animalistic instincts. We require basic human fulfillment through our friends and loved ones. We are prone to day-by-day changes in the weather, climate change and natural events. As such, the sky in this project is depicted as a bacterial colony, our ancient selves. The noise our collective consciousness, reacting in real time to ever changing stimuli. Our modern world is an unstable sliver in our timeline as a species, forcing us to contend with our future selves. In one scenario, we collectively reach beyond what we as humanity thought we are capable of. In another, we destroy ourselves and are replaced with something unexpected.