January, Who is Bruce Kauffman?

March 01, 2019

Based on the poem January by Sadiqa Khan, January is a visual exploration of a fox's imagined journey through the Davis Tannery Lands, a 37 acre brownfield site on the shore of the Rideau River in Kingston, Ontario.

The poem was read by Sadiqa Khan and recorded by Matt Rogalsky. The music featured various winter field recordings as well as sounds from the 88 Years Tone Generator. Some of the challenges that had to be overcome in this video was converting the limestone wall into an SVG path that could be sampled by the visualization software, as well as aligning all the separate videos into each window at the end.

This vignette was created for the anthology film Who is Bruce Kauffman?, which was produced by Skeleton Park Arts Festival and debuted with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival, at the Isabel Bader Centre of Performing Arts in Kingston, Ontario on March 1st, 2019, followed by a screening tour throughout 2019.