Chris Trimmer and I came together to create experimental music and produce radio about music and psychology. Some of the ideas we explored in radio are captured in his website,


Beyond the Fence (Piano Edit), June 04, 2015

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This is a piano remix of a track by the Fences, a recording project conceptualized by mental health crisis workers Chris Trimmer and Richard Tyo, who each hold a deep interest in the relation of music to mental health. In this project, they worked with members of their community to write songs…

Cognitive Dissonance - 3D radio, August 11, 2014

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This is a live screening that took place at the Screening Room in Kingston, Ontario. It features visual 3D radio clips on the meaning of music, as collected by my friend and colleague Chris Trimmer. 3D space is navigated using three.js pointer lock controls. Audio is emitted using webAudio panner…

TimKnightUs, Experimental, 2007-2009, October 26, 2008

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TimKnightUs started as an outlet for experimental music and sound design between friends. When one of its members moved to the West Coast, concerts were performed through Skype as a way of maintaining our long distance relationship. TimKnightUs is about technology bringing people closer together…